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1. All images courtesy of iStock. 145 Weird, Fun and Interesting Facts About Canada - Hike Bike Travel says: September 10, 2019 at 12:33 am […] 38 Fun and Interesting Facts About Calgary […] 16-20 Interesting Facts About Quebec 16. 8 - Canada is also famous for its brightly coloured bank notes (interesting aside: the Royal Canadian Mint has produced coinage and planchets for over 73 countries). The red and white flag with the prominent maple leaf was officially launched on February 15, 1965 (making Feb. 15 National Flag of Canada Day) after much debate and rigorous study (read 5 amazing facts about the creation of the National Flag of Canada to know the full story). With beautiful beaches, delicious food, and rich history, Mexico, indeed, is a land of amazement. No patience to scroll through our fabulous slider of fun facts? In Ontario, Canada there is a law stating saying "sorry" is not an admission of guilt. Here are 50 fun facts about Toronto: 1. (Speaking of which, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Tim Hortons. Majestic mountains, frozen glaciers, beautiful cities and incredible wildlife – discover our fantastic facts about Canada!. That’s right, you didn’t misread, here we have one thousand random and interesting facts about literally everything you could think of! You might think twins are a rarity, but they're actually becoming more common than ever. In 1970s, the lynx had been extirpated in Colorado. Its unique combination of beauty and odd history makes it one of the most magical places in the world. Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is 22 years old. Photo: Shutterstock. Keep reading to find out more surprising facts about Canada. 56 Fresh Vegetarianism Facts. Canada lynx can be found living Alaska and Canada. - Source 2. It was reintroduced in Colorado by 2010. O, Canada. It is bordered by the province of Manitoba to the west, Hudson Bay and James Bay to the north, and Quebec to the east and northeast, and to the south by the US states of (from west to east) Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. There are many attractions for Canada visitors and kids will love to explore the amazing nature and learn about the Canadian wildlife. I can promise you, that you will go insane, with excitement, after you have read our 50 Fun Bingo Facts! Facts about Lynx 7: Canada lynx. Dig a little deeper and you’ll soon discover more Canadian facts and cool stuff north of the 49 parallel, facts about Canada that will amaze you. By: Caroline Maurer. 4 / 13. Canada Day is celebrated yearly on July 1. 50 Interesting Organic Food Facts. If not, there's a strong possibility the rest of's 50 insane facts about Canada might surprise you. Canada is a country occupying the north section of North America. To mark Canada’s 150th, fifty fun facts about Canada’s campuses. By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer. Load More. If you’re looking to take some beer to a friend in another province you’ve better be careful because even though they consume a lot of beer (approximately 80% of the alcohol they drink is in fact beer) you … Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Canada Facts: Fun Facts About Canada. The Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada and the third largest in the world, housing 16,000 animals of 491 different species. Bingo tickets were used by the Germans in 1800. It’s the biggest global exporter of unusual food products; one of its territories fills with snakes in May; and few people live in the country, compared to the rest of the world. ... 50 Amazing Bible Facts. Canada is the land of the maple leaf, the true north strong and free, a place where the national symbol is the busy beaver and the varied landscapes are more stunning in real life than they are in the brochures. 48 Amazing Mexico Facts. Canada has a lot of great things in abundance, like hockey players, parkas and Tim Hortons franchises. 25 Canada Facts and Amazing Canada Superlatives. 2. Canada spans 9 984 670 sq km and comprises 6 time zones. This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1950. However, humans have only known about solar power since the 1830s, when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. Happy B.C. 1. There's a lot to love about our country, from its glorious landscapes to its diverse population. Facts about culture and tradition. 1. Here they are in a text-only format. Check Also: 10 facts about Loggerhead Turtles. Interesting facts about Canada: Maples syrup. "From about 1915, when the statistical record begins, until 1980, about one in every 50 babies born was a twin, a rate of 2 percent," writes Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic. On March 31, 1975 a vignette of the RCMP Musical Ride was featured on the back of the Canadian $50.00 bill in a colour tone “between orchid and claret” – a deep purplish red. With these 50 interesting facts about Ghana, let’s learn more about its: history, culture, geography, people, economy, food, traditions and more. 1. Here at The Fact Site, we’re celebrating our 10 th birthday, and we wanted to celebrate huge!. Our sun has been shining for over four and a half billion years. BY UA/AU | JUN 01 2017. Lynx | Pixabay Image. They are ranging in tundra and forest. The bottom of Lake Ontario is s Canada originates from "Kanata." These facts are but a few that people do not know about the country. The land of hockey, maple syrup, bloody nice people and a whole host of fairly accurate stereotypes, this is 101 Facts About Canada! 2, in bookstores now or available online at Amazon. A bill to institute a BC Day was first introduced in Parliament in 1974. If you enjoyed those, you won’t want to miss the 50 funniest town names across Canada. [8] ... Canada… A fiery fate December 2 is a day to be extra cautious at […] Official Name: Canada Form of Government: Federal parliamentary state Capital: Ottawa Population: 36,307,820 Official Language: English, French Money: Canadian dollar Area: 9,970,610 square kilometres Major Mountain Ranges: Rockies, Coast, Laurentian

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