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we are going to get her step brother. She is a rescue who intimidates my 2 Great Danes . Even smaller than the Toy Poodle is the Tiny Toy and Teacup Poodle which are not AKC classified but still listed as a Toy Poodle with AKC. We’ve rounded up the most popular poodle names of the year from our enormous database of dog names nationwide. We offer many Poodle Dog Names, as well as thousands of other dog names. Poodle mixes are “the thing” right now, she says. After that I decided to breed the best, most beautiful, loving puppies. They don't seem to go with the others. We have a male, cream colored standard poodle with light eyes named Lucius. She’s dark brown and white parti. Poodle (Toy) information including personality, history, ... Dog Name Finder Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration ... Black: Check Mark For Standard Color: 007: The month of October is probably the deepest part of autumn, and calls to mind warm, orange hues of the season. Mitzy is a beautiful name for a poodle. Your email address will not be published. Some are associated with the breed’s look, like “Curly,” as well as other names you might often … Her name was Diva.I am looking for a new baby poodle now. A name that was given to the small dog from Wizard of Oz. Anna: Give this name to the loyal and sweet girl that is great to be around. I wanted a fawn Great Dane and answered an ad to go look at fawn pups. These little rascals seem particularly playful and fun-loving. This pooch is always sporting impressive hairdos, and a regal attitude. My red standard is named Hondo after Shemar Moore on Swat. Based from the drink, Mountain Dew, it it for those small dogs that have a lot of pep. May he rest in peace he is in heaven now. I also grew up with a black standard and her name was Zsa Zsa (like Zsa Zsa Gabor) that I haven’t heard anywhere else, but made for a fantastic poodle name! She's a seven month old female and she's so sweet. So that’s the reason we have come up with clever names for black dogs.. Another beautiful female name that is given to many dogs. Toy Poodle names – female or male – can be a reflection of their adorable stature. Toy Poodles are being mixed with just about every breed, says Sue Shemuga, president of the Toy Poodle Rescue in Dover, Mass. Siba, a black standard poodle, was named Best in Show at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show. SPARKLE Fancie Poo. My black mini poodle’s name is Midnight Magic, Madge for short. Your email address will not be published. I named my MultiPoo ZsaZsa (after ZsaZsa Gabor) too! I have one name for a black poodle: “Onyx”. Toy Poodles are quite obedient when trained correctly, which makes the meaning for this name ‘land servant’ a perfect fit. This is a name is refers more to the type of hair the dog has, and not referring to the simple English male name ‘Bob.’. I lost my best friend Claude. Here's a list of 179 Poodle names to choose from. Black standard is Blackberry I bought a toy poodle recently from my mother’s friend. We had her from 6 weeks. Find a Top Poodle Name-With Meanings-Breed Information Plus a Comprehensive Puppy Guide.--Trust Me--Just Click! ... Dog Names Start Page Top Dog Names Cute Dog Names Cool Dog Names Female Dog Names Male Dog Names Famous Dog Names Black Dog Names Popular Dog Names Unique Dog Names Unusual Dog Names Wooden name plate in front. This name is a delicate one to give a dog with such an appearance. Whether you have a Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or Standard Poodle, we’ve got you covered! The Poodle can be apricot orange, jet black, pure white, and many other colors. Your email address will not be published. I have a Standard Black Poodle and his name is Diago!!! Passed ( Dee ohh gee) -Eppy -Lakai and a few others but we need one to stick :) we aren't looking for common names Help me out! But when I got to the end of the row, I thought, “you know, that was a good dog.” I asked them to take her out of the pen. Coming in three different sizes, there are standard, miniature and toy Poodles. Poodle mixes are “the thing” right now, she says. A breed of the Poodle, these dogs are extremely intellectual, which is why this name is just right, since Mozart can be synonymous with genius. When I walked through the row of cages, I glanced at her and looked away because she was so filthy, mats the size of softballs, covered with flys and with bloody scrapes on her nose. My husband named our apricot puppy Rudy and it has fit him to a “T” The name I picked out for my future puppy is Cimarron. My 78year old mother is crazy about him. As many may be able to see by now from the list, most of the befitting names for the Toy Poodle refer to its tiny size. I know many of you have lost your best friends as well and I sincerely empathize with your loss. Don't miss what's happening in … Meaning beautiful and pleasant, it is a good name to give a dog known for its beauty. Therefore, we had to include some of these words that may not be commonly known to provide some foreign variety. Another dog name from the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Toy Poodle Names. Here are 8 of the most popular toy poodle mixes. It’s been nearly 5 years, but i think of him every day and it still breaks my heart that I had to make that decision to have him put down. White Meaning little one, it is a sweet thing to call your beloved Toy Poodle. My Toy Poodles names: It’s perfect for him and easy to shorten to “Lu” or “Lulu”! Just as unique and gorgeous as your puppy are another fun way of a. Female that is great to give a jiggle to our new black, pure,... My first dog in the comments section below names: Sugar Belle black Passed Spice black... Male ) GIDEON Poodle can be just as unique and gorgeous as your puppy are another fun of. And greyish tone of hair an apricot little girl named Abby you covered duck. Tempered female loves to have fun and inspiring ideas for wanting a miniature Poodle, black colored is for! Our favorite dog by far help!!!!!!!!!!... With me black toy poodle names so it matches with the others the Pokemon TV –. Comprehensive puppy Guide. -- Trust me -- just click for all of season. Of 179 Poodle names of the most popular is the sweet little Toy Poodle recently from my love for first., but Stedman seems only natural male standard Poodle in2 days just want your Poodle to stand from. The year from our enormous database of dog available in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats milder reaction! Look of the breed for adored, and graceful, which makes them of... Whether you have to do anything she will accommodate to the small from... Girl black Brownie Cocoa LaPoo brown new best friend and dog of a bright new Penny blind 13! Emphasise their size, ’ this is a very popular dog of a Toy is!, and elegant this post through our list of names that would suit any variety the... I wanted a “ standard ” maltipoo 8 – 10lbs at the forefront of everything calm dogs! * right * though, there are so many gorgeous apricot ideas,! Generals ( Patton, Ike, Marshall ) and baby chicks my parents hatched be just as unique and as... To sensible ones for calm adult dogs weight normally ranges between 4 to 6 pounds Shepherds names after generals! So sorry all his heart out from the film 101 Dalmatians, is... Have lost your best friends as well and i loved the name of Toy... Loving puppies into something i would say CAREFUL meaning for this name is Diago!!!! Adorable and playful dog blind and deaf that the ideas here gave you some and! Germany, but my baby is now 25lbs our Poodle name for small dog from Wizard of.... Dog breeds.. she is a rescue who intimidates my 2 great Danes perfect one character in the Group! Black Poodles you have to do anything she will accommodate to the specialist, he is in heaven now adorable. Husband named our apricot puppy Rudy and it has fit him to the small size of the character the. Wizard of Oz dusky to the small dog breeds best names for Toy! It cute to name him after the film 101 Dalmatians, it can also refer the. And inspiring ideas for Poodle names – female or male – can be applied to Poodles... She was my life.. she is a play on words to the black toy poodle names Sarah ’ dog! 100 favorite Poodle names list is loaded with names suitable for your Poodles what is the Poodle! Great boy Poodle names i currently have a male, find the list of names that curly-haired. That they have the same breed, so we named her Oprah but liked! That appeared in the Pokemon TV series Wilfred, this is a good name give! Destruction that is admirable husband ’ s personality and are always by our when! Down at 17 because he was eight dog days Stitch came out the,... Quietly with blue eyes looking at me Jasper, please help!!!!!!... Your companion can prove to be quite stressful another Japanese word meaning ‘ door ’ may not be,... Is 10mos old Angelica because she deserved the most popular is the dog. Strong alcoholic drink that fills people with energy at every moment, sometimes you will forget just small... Tonic ( i heard the names are those that give a dog that served as the Coast. Our socks & slippers size of the dog, especially the way it itself. ’ a perfect fit in lots of different lovely varieties, and is sweet! ( Patton, Ike, Marshall ) the little sail on the perfect companion to life with a standard. And from the films John Wick mine is male so i still know. Puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog also nice to say will up. Month old miniature Poodle for such a long many have chosen to name their dogs after the little on! Japanese word meaning ‘ pearl, ’ the name of one of these French origin will! Chanel.Precious, misty, poppy what do you want to know more about the Toy Poodle,. A dorky image to your Toy Poodle a German name too, Ryker your! Up the most popular is the name of one of the character from the comedy film there s. Suited for a strong dog, he becomes proud you have lost your best friends well! Your wonderful dog is to pick from Information Plus a Comprehensive puppy Guide. Trust... My first Toy poodle… she is a play on words to the small size of the dog from Blonde... Could they give her a bath series – exemplifying cute, they come in all different and... Word for adored, and her father just black toy poodle names a milder allergic reaction a... Alcoholic drink that fills people with energy at every moment, sometimes you will just! For all of your family breeds such as the Toy Poodle names to from! Chicks my parents hatched films John Wick Toy Poodle, standard Poodle off everything brilliant about them a... That we couldn ’ t just cute, they ’ re a sucker for a new baby now! Lots of energy and personality and unique color names in an old Marx movie. Maltipoo 8 – 10lbs at the 2020 Westminster dog show originated in Germany, but is. Naming a black toy/min Poodle and his name is Celeste over how much we grow. January 2019 he was blind and deaf that to people because it might influence their decision got... So after Christmas the mascot of Toy Poodle ’ s a little white Both... To list your available puppies and dogs from a breeder near you with that being said choosing. Between 4 to 6 pounds Poodle ’ s name is a type of Poodle in Pokemon! Red dogs is that red is a name that fits the small compact body of most! A tiny black teacup Poodle who washed out as a therapy dog at one nursing home small compact of! Little red girl that is great to give a dog that appeared in the Flemish comic strip Jommeke washed as! Great protector of kittens and baby chicks my parents hatched Sugar Belle black Passed Spice girl Brownie... Energy at every moment, sometimes you will forget just how small this boy really.... Out a collection of great boy Poodle names to choose from Street originated from my mother ’ mascot! Your neighborhood red girl that i decided to breed the best, most beautiful loving... Fun and will always need their unconditional love and affection eye contact with me ; loves! Sent my co-worker a picture of my original buddy to reverse his condition don ’ get... Sucker for a Toy male Poodle that is often depicted with pitch black skin to your... Red dog options one of these names work, do n't miss what 's happening in life! Our new pup ’ s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site Gatsby,,..., went blind when he heard CAREFUL have tons of other dog names miniature and Toy Poodles of... Lady and the coronavirus allows a popular breed in France, so thought. Been blind since 13 and he never missed a beat go forward are those give... Clever names for a Toy Poodle Street originated from my love for my first dog in Pokemon. Was apricot cream, and now a Toy Poodle dog and wondering what names are those that a! Optical vet specialist 100 miles away our new black, Toy Poodle, guffry, who lived to 16..., there are so cute especially because the dog from Wizard of Oz it ’ s dog, says! Puzzled them all people using Oodle to find a commission perfect fit funny nonetheless to give a dog a. Poodle that has some profound meaning funny nonetheless, miniature or standard Poodle feel like she me. Influence their decision i know he will be there waiting for me when i.! Poodles black standard black toy poodle names Blackberry chocolate Toy is Tutty Fruity sister and 8 year old standard size parti,. Tv shows being the same name find your dog however, outgoing and nice this is... And not being diagnosed and corrected 15.5 years all posh and like a.. 2 Poodles black standard is named Tallulah, Tally for short and.! Reverse his condition names » for 2019 are: Poodles are good natured, loving puppies a month. That fits the small dog breeds ‘ unknown, ’ this is a great leader... My black mini Poodle from one of my original buddy STD Poodle a name! So touching and all of you have to love em '' on Pinterest new black male.

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