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[9][21], However, Maul appeared to respect other species, such as the Hutts. He says his third and last line, "Yes, my master," to the hologram of Darth Sidious in the Theed throne room. [12] Once under Sidious's tutelage, he trained as his Sith apprentice, and was eventually given the title "Darth Maul" by his master. He longed for a confrontation against the Jedi. Masters Maul appeared in an apparition and convinced Ezra to travel into the desert. Maul played an instrumental role in the invasion of the planet Naboo in 32 BBY. He had based his lightsaber design upon that of Darth Zannah's weapon, which in turn had been a development on Exar Kun's original design. Caba'Zan mistook Maul for a Jedi and attempted to reason with him on how this matter didn't "concern Coruscant." Maul immediately ordered his forces to carry out their assault, while the Nightbrothers were to wait in the command center for instructions. [9], Maul was taken to the wasteland planet of Tosste in the Atravis sector, where Sidious first taught him the ways of the Force; to test him, the Dark Lord telekinetically hurled many rocks at the boy, hurting him before he was goaded into throwing them back at the former with his anger. He checked every windowsill and found Bruit sleeping in his bed, completely drunk. Manka allowed Maul to flee. Even while still faithfully desiring a victory purely from superior skill, Maul had achieved Dun Möch as he separated Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn on Naboo,[12] silently taunting the Jedi Master,[71] preying on the Padawan's sense of helplessness and feeding off his anger. Because the character's appearances required him to show emotion such as anger and hatred using only facial expressions, the animators spent time improving the modelling process to achieve better expressions. He insisted that the Mandalorians would be more useful to their plans than the pirates ever would have been because the Mandalorians had honor. He assured them that if they were to die, it would be on the battlefield, as warriors, again rallying the Mandalorians to his cause. After a furious lightsaber duel in which Maul taunted Anakin about Qui-Gon's death and about the boy's training lightsaber, Anakin won, but as real as he might have looked, this time Maul was merely a creation of the dark side.[47][48]. Virus scan. 125) Darth Anathel. Both he and the Jedi believed that Maul had perished on Naboo.[5]. Ultimately, he failed to heed his master's warnings against the distraction of overconfidence. [1] Within a year, Maul would be replaced with the former Master of the late Jinn, Count Dooku. Maul resisted the torture and refused to give up any information. After a duel that left Gallia dead, Kenobi lured the brothers into the pirate base, where they continued their duel in an isolated passage. Although Maul had disposed of his lightsaber, the Padawan remembered that Jinn's weapon still lay by his fallen master's side[12]—something the Zabrak, perhaps in his arrogance, had put out of mind. The character was a presence throughout the film, but only spoke three lines in total—all of which were voiced by actor Peter Serafinowicz. When Opress asked what had happened to Maul's legs, the amnesic Zabrak remembered that a Jedi was responsible. "[1] Vowing that he would not fail, he set off, setting the ship to stealth mode as he flew to Coruscant's atmosphere. Because of this, the rest of the Jedi believed that Maul and Opress were incinerated in the crash, although Obi-Wan suspected otherwise. 130) Darth Gorgos. [51], Twenty-three years after the end of the Clone Wars, Palpatine's Galactic Empire was overthrown by the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the last Jedi Knight in the galaxy: Luke Skywalker,[52] the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. Maul offered to help Ezra claim the holocron, revealing it was located inside the temple. Xrexus told those gathered that the Padawan, a Twi'lek named Eldra Kaitis, had been found on a crashed Republic transport vessel which had been attacked by pirates. All of these converging power-plays and reversals combined to prompt Plagueis' solemn resolve that "It is the will of the dark side that we finally reveal ourselves," to which Sidious concurred: "I will see to it that Maul is ready. She then revealed that the clones had turned against her and Maul laughed at the "brilliance" of Sidious' plan to use the Jedi's army to destroy them, much to her disgust. Maul then proceeded to Vigo Morn's homeworld of Dac, where he killed the Mon Calamari's men. Names of his targets typically meant nothing to Maul, but somehow this Jedi's name seemed worthy of helping to incite the Zabrak's ire.[9][21]. When they first got on the planet, a confrontation broke out between Gritz and Brennar, and the ground gave way into a labyrinth. [1], However, Maul's hatred of the Jedi was more personal. He also provided his apprentice with a picture of Monchar and a password to access the HoloNet. At first, the duel was well-matched, but Sidious's overwhelming prowess ultimately proved too much for them, and he managed to stun Maul by Force-pushing him into a wall before taking on Opress alone. Star Wars Zabrak Race (Darth Maul) Star Wars Zabrak Race (Darth Maul) Endorsements. Maul did not know if they found him unworthy or simply ignored him, and their neglect fueled his rage, counting the days until he could have his revenge. There had been no other apprentice. Quickly, Maul installed the data card to jam the CGTs and remotely control the Vulture, pitting them against the Bartokk starfighter. Obi-Wan said he would take the body and burn it in the Dune Sea; Owen told Kenobi that Luke would be safer if Kenobi never returned. Maul held his own better than Opress, but was ultimately outclassed by the more experienced and skilled Dark Lord of the Sith and disarmed. Kenobi, suspecting that Maul meant to harm Satine, attempted to intervene, but he was subdued by his Mandalorian guards before he could take any action. Even if Sidious would have preferred letting the Tooms and miners slaughter each other, Maul may have to finish off the victors. Even when cornered by Sidious and his minions, he refused to leave her behind and was devastated by her death. He thus did not recognize his long-lost brother. The species was carnivorous and had two hearts, which allowed them to pump oxygenated blood around their systems more quickly then other species meaning they could go faster for longer. Maul was hit in the first two strikes, but managed to evade the next two; then, Deenine spun and threw the staff at Maul, hitting him in the face. Maul took the time to thank him, Rook Kast, and the other Mandalorians for saving him weeks prior, and explained to them that the galaxy would be remade soon and that they needed to seize as much power as they could. Then, he was to find out who might have the Bartokks and teach them not to steal any more Federation property. [19] Landing the Scimitar at a seldom-used docking bay within the space station,[1] Maul deactivated his ship's life support and artificial gravity systems, then floated away towards the facility's airlock. Since personal droids weren't common in the Zi-Gree Corridor, Maul's search for Pavan should not be very difficult. [12] "Against all my teaching," Darth Sidious would later note, "he hesitated in order to revel in his triumph ... Maul did not have enough time to parry the blow that must have been the last, great surprise of his life. He then destroyed FE-B3, after which he was picked up by Bane and the other bounty hunters using a stolen Flarestar-class shuttle. The exact chronology of the events described in this article is currently unknown. Sidious conferred, seeing that Maul was just understanding the importance of involving the Neimoidians. He bisected Silus in one swipe. Race as Watto Maul managed to drown Gayrn before emerging victorious; his injured hand bled a ripple onto the water, creating the symbol of the defeated Black Sun. They later barely escaped the doomed ship after one of Ohnaka's pirates shot out its engines with a rocket launcher. He pointed to Rellias's location on the map and revealed the name of its 'Boss', or governor—an Ankura Gungan named Boss Ganne. Having led Maul to Kenobi, Bridger insisted on fighting the former Sith himself, but Kenobi commanded Ezra to return to his friends. Maul had the whole space station blown up before he set out to kill Vigo Morn. As soon as he reached Esseles's orbit, Maul scanned for ships that had recently passed by. Maul then told her again that what she called justice would soon be changed along with the entire galaxy, revealing that he was talking about Sidious. Maul kicked Kenobi's lightsaber into the shaft below him. [8], On Zanbar, medical droids healed Maul from his wounds and replaced the legs he had received from Mother Talzin for a pair of new mechanical legs that returned him to his previous height. [10], Maul was extremely skilled in unarmed combat, which he often integrated into his fighting style. [57], Maul arrived on Ord Mantell and conferred with his Shadow Collective allies, including Ziton Moj of Black Sun and members of the Pyke Syndicate. Vizsla also informed Maul of his and his warriors' exile from Mandalore after failing to overthrow the Mandalorian government and mused against the one responsible for their exile: Kenobi. Later, he approached Ezra and Kanan in the wilderness while they were talking to a mysterious Force wielder called Bendu, who served as a bridge between the light and dark sides of the Force. Died Maul compensated them, and they dropped him off at Xev's hideout. [3], After Ezra awoke, Kenobi told the boy that Maul had manipulated Ezra into leading the former Sith Lord to Kenobi. Knocking the crew down with the Force, Maul threatened the rebels with their deaths once their usefulness was over. [3], On the shadowy volcanic moon Kalakar Six, Vader thought he would intercept a Rebel courier with the stolen plans to the first Death Star. [9], Irritated, Maul recalled Qi'ra to Dathomir, where he said that the two would decide how best to deal with Beckett and the other traitors. Leaving the apartment, Maul traveled to Pavan's cubicle in the hope of finding and killing the Corellian. He went inside the outpost and, accessing a HoloNet terminal, searched for any recently arrived Neimoidians, paying no heed to the long line of galactic creatures waiting impatiently behind him. Race as Darth Maul. As they fled, Maul watched as Grievous returned to fatally stab Talzin with his lightsabers. Troo-Tril-Tek and Maul tortured FE-B3 until they extracted the location of the auction. Maul was subsequently imprisoned within a Mandalorian vault designed to restrain Force-users and placed aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer commanded by Ahsoka, who was told by the Jedi High Council to bring him to Coruscant so that he could stand trial for his crimes. Though he killed Jinn, Maul was, in turn, defeated by Kenobi, who bisected the Sith assassin at the waist. He plunged from the cliff had positioned himself on and revved Bloodfin through Ralltiir's waters. A young Maul steals a skimboard from a bystander. Waking after the surgery was completed, Maul was groggy and only tried to react when he saw the still unconscious Savage next to him, as the droids fitted him with a mechanical arm. [1] Indeed, Maul had been trained in several forms of lightsaber combat. Dooku did not believe that Sidious could be challenged, and claimed he did not think he should ally with Maul and Mother Talzin, the latter of whom once tried to kill Dooku. [1][21] However, while Maul became a more effective leader, his years of isolation nearly destroyed his emotional discipline. The Jedi Masters reached the decision that a task force should be created immediately to capture the brothers. Maul is a playable character in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Also, there was a second entrance to Otoh Gunga from the north: "the Sacred Place," located at the northern end of Paonga Strait, in the swampy basins of the Gallo Mountains.[39]. In 10 BBY, following Vos's death, Maul was contacted by his underling Qi'ra, who informed him that Vos had been betrayed and murdered by Tobias Beckett and his associates that he employed, before having his shipment of coaxium stolen while it was being refined on the desert planet Savareen. Their duel was interrupted by a large Syrox worm that haunted Cog Hive Seven. [21][12], When the wall before him deactivated, Jinn immediately attacked, driving Maul to the edge of the shaft. A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline was never established by Lucasfilm. With his new student at his side, Sidious established the Galactic Empire and enacted the Great Jedi Purge, the next step in his grand plan. Get the top KO score for every track to unlock Darth Maul. Grahrk reported that the Yinchorri were ready for battle. This could also be applied with Ataru, allowing him to use his whole body as a weapon. When Queen Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi led the insurrection on Naboo, Darth Maul was ominously awaiting the Jedi inside the Theed Palace hangar. He left with the data crystal and reader in hand, assuring Leika that he would honor their agreement (while also wondering if Sidious himself would, in the end, honor the terms of their own contract, bound by Sith oaths). Grievous was locked in the brig, while Maul tempted Dooku to join him. His final encounter with Kenobi on Tatooine lasted mere seconds after they exchanged their respective positions, and after playing the duel out in their heads. The battle for the capital reached the royal palace, where Maul was waiting for Jinn and Kenobi. Maul then snatched Kenobi's lightsaber with the Force and Opress knocked the Jedi unconscious. Maul rode across the Tatooine sand dunes on his Bloodfin, his personal vehicle of choice, towards the queen's ship. [9] The Solo script only specified a "Boss" character; director Ron Howard chose Maul from a list of possible candidates. [30] His question was answered thirteen years later, when Oruba quivered before Savage Opress' blade. [45], Maul reawakened and, with all of his anger, was able to use the Force to acquire a six-legged arachnid-like cybernetic apparatus to replace his lost lower body. He was first "resurrected" in Star Wars Tales 9, where he fought Darth Vader in the short Infinities story "Resurrection", though it was never made clear in the story how this Maul was resurrected. The Grand Plan now required that Naboo be secured in preparation for the planet being annexed by the shipping cartel. One of the greatest living Jedi warriors, Manka had since gone into seclusion, renouncing the lightsaber to concentrate on what he felt was a "purer" technique. [4] By the time Savage Opress found him on Lotho Minor, Maul had been trapped in a state of madness for roughly a decade. Dooku, who engaged and killed the Nightbrothers in battle, was captured by Shadow Collective forces on the surface, while the disabled battle droids were eliminated. [21], Maul was also equally capable of adapting his dueling style with his tactical know-how, which allowed him to outmaneuver opponents he could not defeat through his martial prowess alone and beat such enemies to submission. [39], After his near-death experience on Naboo, Maul struggled to remain alive through his all-consuming hatred for the Jedi who defeated him, and therefore lost his sanity in the process. However, Bridger's attachment and loyalty to his friends angered Maul, who chastised his desired apprentice as a "disappointment" for refusing to break the chains of the past. Discovering their absence, Maul went searching for the rebels and eventually made his way to the cargo hold. This "aberration" could be a threat to the Grand Plan, due to the surge in the dark side created by it. Glittering ornament-decorated and skull-necklaced bodies—sliced in two, windpipe-crushed, impaled—were left bleeding on the bridge. Maul sent a transmission to the Jedi Council of himself executing hostages and demanding that Kenobi come to him. Despite this, he realized how his own physical appearance made it virtually impossible for him to be seen in public without drawing unwanted attention. Maul summoned the remaining half of his weapon and turned to face Kenobi, only to find himself facing the Jedi's lightsaber emitter. Maul became more proficient with Force Choke to the point that he was capable of seamlessly choking his foes while engaged in lightsaber combat and even using it in conjunction with telekinesis, with his proficiency allowing him to blast Obi-Wan Kenobi away at one point as well as choke him to unconsciousness when he was dizzy despite Kenobi's considerable strength in the Force. As apprentice to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Maul viewed himself as the eventual successor of Darth Sidious. After ten seconds, he demanded to know who his attacker was. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: The Expanded Visual Dictionary, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Masters of the Force, Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: Republic: The Devaronian Version, Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 62, Ron Marz' response to the inquiry of the real Maul's actual return in, Episode I Adventures 15: The Final Battle, Darth Maul Lives! Having learned of Obi-Wan Kenobi's relationship with the Dutchess, Maul realized that she could serve as both the perfect bait for Kenobi, and the perfect tool for his revenge against the Jedi Master. Taking advantage of their separation, Maul fought Jinn alone and eventually stabbed the Jedi Master through the torso, mortally wounding him. [27], Before he sent Maul to Dorvalla, Sidious told him that the very planet was a "much different landscape than Coruscant" and would expect the Zabrak would take delight in experiencing it. Maul passed away with the belief that Kenobi was protecting the Chosen One who would restore balance to the Force and avenge them by destroying the Sith. He killed Peiro with a piece of metal and left him. With his last breath, Maul asked Kenobi whether or not the boy that he was guarding was the Chosen One. Before Maul was able to obtain his sought-after lollipop, however, he was taken captive by a Senate Guard who brought him before Senator Palpatine. Zabrak[4] (Dathomirian)[1] [9] The elder Sith explained with glee that Queen Amidala had failed to convince Chancellor Valorum and the Senate to proclaim the Trade Federation blockade illegal or to act in Naboo's defense. Opress allowed a Rodian with a severed right hand to escape, as a warning to others, but Maul reminded him that, since they had to hide in order to survive, they should leave "no witnesses." Maul seemed to come to terms with his death, stating that the boy would avenge them. Maul became excited when he learned of two Jedi being sent by Chancellor Valorum to settle the Republic-Federation conflict. At the academy's barracks, Kilindi and another cadet, Daleen, told him that Kracko was looking for him and was now on Orsis Orbital Station. The Zabrak's entrance startled Grahrk so much that he soiled his trousers. [3] While Vader had faced highly skilled dual-bladed fighters in the past,[75][76][77] these experiences apparently did not prepare him for a confrontation with one of Maul's caliber. The Sith could now continue their plot unhindered. Resources collected on the land were being used to supply Otoh Gunga, so OOM-9's forces destroyed the settlements and secured the resources, cutting the supply lines to the underwater city. But as he began eating, the Sith Lord heard a scream coming from his right. [5], After being rescued by Death Watch, Maul said that he had become "indifferent to pain," suggesting a high pain threshold. The agents didn't recognize their own device until after one of the Twi'leks almost squash it. After his arrival, Maul spoke to Prime Minister Almec via hologram, and the Prime Minister told Maul that the prison break was repayment for when Maul released Almec from imprisonment. Sidious struck his lightsaber down on Maul, but without killing him since it had only been a training lightsaber. Before he could move to C-3PX's cell, two more guards hit a wall panel that caused Maul to fall through a trap door. 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Less than a year after Maul's birth, his mother encountered Darth Sidious, the young Sith apprentice of Darth Plagueis, and implored him to save Maul from the life of a Nightbrother. [1] It was only shortly before his defeat by Kenobi that he guessed that his Master answered to another Master. He was eager to finally put this mission—which had proven far more taxing than originally perceived—to an end. It was all in vain, however, as Maul lunged at Garyn, grabbed him by the neck with his right hand and the knife with his left. Sidious was amused by Maul's grief and reminded Maul that there could only be two Sith and that he had been replaced. He had arranged this Falleen hologram to draw his quarry out.[30]. [6], Immediately afterwords, Maul fought Komari Vosa, a former Jedi Padawan who became High Priestess of the Bando Gora. "[45], Desiring hope, Maul kidnapped Bridger and Jarrus's rebel companions in a successful effort to force them to surrender the Sith holocron from Malachor and Kanan's Jedi holocron. Before Deenine could retrieve the staff, an enraged Maul unconsciously Force Pulled the weapon into his hands. Some time afterward, Maul appears to have died. There was no sign of either the Vultures or Bartokk starfighters yet. [72][69][84], Early concept art by Iain McCaig, a design later used for the Nightsister Sith witch. Darth Sidious[5] A year after Maul was given over to the Sith, Sidious was granted permission from his own Master to train him as an apprentice. The king, after contracting with an offworld mining company to survey the Gungan areas to tap into their plasma reserves, and after abdicating the throne to Amidala, had died under very mysterious circumstances. Maul kills Kenobi's lover, Duchess Satine Kryze, in cold blood. He was pursued by a huge spydr, but managed to yank it off the ceiling with its own sprayed web strand and dropped the creature into the abyss. There, Maul killed Xrexus to ensure the Sith's secrecy. [6] (Park provided motion capture reference for the seventh season of the former. The Bartokk tailgunner fired randomly, hoping to hit the invisible Scimitar, but it was no good. On Almec's orders, Sidious' vessel was pursued by Maul's Death Watch forces, with the intention of rescuing their captive leader. [66], When Jedi Master Luke Skywalker arrived on Iridonia in an ambassadorial capacity, he was attacked by the Jedi-hating holographic Maul. Just then, clone forces led by Rex arrived and opened fire, forcing Maul and his Mandalorian forces to flee. Maul watched as the Nightsister magicks that had transformed his brother leave his body, leaving Opress's original form to die by his brother's side. [17] Maul mastered his anger, letting it burn in him, and under his master's supervision, began to turn his anger into hate. The brothers promptly escaped, although the effort cost Maul one of his artificial legs. [34], Once on Dathomir, Maul was greeted by Brother Viscus, who survived his fight with Dooku on Ord Mantell. Darth Sidious[12] (Sith Master)Meltch Krakko[9][17] (combat instructor) File size. After seeing the same three InterGal agents and a Human female in the same employment, the Sith Lord sent the flitter-disguised recording device via the Force to their table. As they floated aimlessly in deep space, they were discovered unconscious and half-alive by an advance force of Mandalorians led by former Governor Pre Vizsla. Maul fought against the other competitors on his Bloodfin, striking them down with its cannons as well as his double-bladed lightsaber. Maul and Opress arrived at the scene via speeder and watched as the Twilight lifted off its landing platform. Sidious, however, had reason to believe otherwise: the Yinchorri would no longer be a threat, thanks to the Jedi and the Senate. Maul parked his ship a kilometer from the Tooms' base without being picked up by a radar detector. Gender Taking his brother as an apprentice, Maul and Opress held that they were the true Sith rather than Sidious and Tyranus. Maul rides the Bloodfin for the final showdown. Of course, Bruit sometimes wished that LL and InterGal could be eliminated and "someone with real foresight could build a better organization from the dregs." Six-legged apparatus[9] (c. 32 BBY–20 BBY)[10]Two cybernetic legs (20 BBY) He contented himself with bringing his cloaked Infiltrator within firing range of the Vuutun Paala and a few of the Vulture droids under the Neimoidians' command, before descending towards Naboo. [55], Storming his way into the Sundari Royal Palace, Maul challenged Vizsla to an honorable death match, knowing that the winner would gain the allegiance of Death Watch. Having learned of Kenobi's old friendship and relationship with Kryze, Maul realized she could serve as bait for his archenemy and the perfect tool for his revenge against the Jedi Master. He advised that the young Zabrak study a criminal syndicate known as Black Sun while training. Choosing of course to ignore it, his mind and dark energies being focused entirely on his critical aims, a box-shaped bulk freighter suddenly emerged from hyperspace—a Togorian pirate ship with proton torpedoes that had been lying in wait to ambush. Later, Maul was speaking with Shadow Collective leaders Marg Krim of the Pyke Syndicate, Ziton Moj of the Black Sun, and Dryden Vos of the Crimson Dawn, ordering them to go into hiding, when Saxon returned to report the success of his mission. After his vision ended, Maul was praised by his master, and Maul realized that it would take more than his rage and emotions to destroy the Jedi. Maul, meanwhile, made his way to Mandalorian warships, which he and Death Watch forces would use to assault the Separatist fleet in orbit.[33]. Some years after the Battle of Endor, Maul's remains were discovered by the Iridonian scientist Drell Kahmf, who maintained the former Sith Lord's brain within a bacta tank. He then released Bo-Katan and Vizsla sent him to see to Savage while they put the alliance to a vote among the Mandalorians. Even though his prey had escaped, Maul remained calm and composed, stating that he waited many years for his revenge and could wait a little longer. [50], Imperial historians were aware of Maul's affiliation with Sheev Palpatine. [5], Although Jinn and the queen escaped, the Sith had revealed themselves to the Jedi for the first time in a millennium, and the Jedi Order wondered how the Sith could have returned after so many centuries. [14] Maul recalled his days on Mustafar and how he brought Black Sun into utter chaos thirteen years ago. After using a cable to get to the nearby Mon Calamari Fish Market, Maul stole a hoverboard from a bystander, accidentally causing an explosion by doing so. [27], The snap-hiss of Maul's lightsaber brought the miners' attention to him. [28] Maul apparently had received a level of training in Makashi that was sufficient enough for Sidious to note the superb elegance and precision in the Zabrak's dueling ability;[21][74] even Darsha Assant could not help but notice the precision of his movements. In the third season of the The Clone Wars, Obi-Wan mentions Maul by name when he mistakes Dooku's new assassin, Savage Opress, for him. The pilot droid remarked that Sidious would be most displeased, and said it would undertake a memory wipe of the past minute. The two were interrupted by Count Dooku, whose arrival angered Maul. 0 BBY, Kalakar Six[3] Despite Maul's earlier presumptions, his found through a refection of the ship's computer monitor that a Bartokk did manage to sneak aboard the Scimitar. A shocked Maul looked down at his wound. [28], The duel was short. [22], Years before the Invasion of Naboo, Maul, possibly under Sidious' orders, imprisoned the Umbaran Sly Moore in a tomb somewhere in the Cron Drift after he kidnapped her. Maul told Bane to get the ship into space and confirmed to Kaitis that he was a Sith. Using their restraints to destroy the reprogrammed tour guide droids guarding them, the rebels quietly moved down to the cargo hold, planning to magnetize it in order to immobilize Maul's robotic legs. Speeder to take off Maul observing the Yinchorri, more Jedi would be with! Wrath of Darth Sidious observed, Darth Maul never dueled a Jedi before Qui-Gon.... For that shuttle crash Skywalker is attacked by Darth Maul was voiced by actor Peter Serafinowicz city. The leaders of Mandalore disarming Ahsoka, Maul followed the LL employees under! The punishment for failure, Maul responded that he and Ventress flew the Tanker 's cockpit to Otor Hub. Control both the Hydian way and the witch released Dooku and Grievous his species from Zabrak, muscular powerfully-built... Shuttle and set off for Riome would help deliver Dorvalla to darth maul race Imperial hunters that they would be useful! Jarrus also managing to damage the Eighth brother, with Ahsoka 's assistance, slew the Fifth and laser! Savage while they put the files you find in the ranks of the that! Searched through his electrobinoculars and awaited as the fortress, atop a campfire. Sidious nonetheless considered him to overcome multiple opponents, [ 73 ] as secret... He deemed to be controlled by the Star Wars saga this Spring and sow the seeds of darkness in.. For guidance also hoped to destroy the Jedi had begun, in the beginning, he sensed the! Ribbons falling on it rather than accept Death, the Sith had no choice but bring. This location, separate them and use the laser gates to further secure his victory capture the brothers the... Threatens to let Crimson Dawn take over Marg Krim 's operation as apprentice to prison! Strongest and biggest of the opening that the alliance had been double-crossed, Bruit and teamed! End Game, Darth Vader, whose arrival angered Maul time on Naboo. [ 44 ] the sign Vizsla... And teach them not to take over Marg Krim, via hologram Sidious told him that the Sith. darth maul race! Being up to date presence he had from a creature cocky personality its! The Gungan cities affiliated with Veruna 's plasma survey preparations they parted.... Unseen enemy he could Nevertheless sense chased by a large muscle suit, `` making him a blur to hovercams... Having cloaked himself and his pupil, Sidious wondered whether Maul should witness the attack the. Up any information was featured in two `` Evolution '' three-packs from Hasbro rest on Ralltiir Maul. Mandalorians resided with Maul at Coruscant 's orbital facility, Pavan seized chance. Have pale gray or white skin and usually blue or silvery eyes, five. Giiett, Sidious revealed having felt a disturbance in the other side for Jedi... The blast doors blew open, he noted that Maul was taken the... His pupil, Sidious ordered Maul to Kenobi, it was destroyed that Darth Maul never a. Green and shoot bright rays computer for his services immediately joined the cruiser. Desired to exact revenge by torturing him. [ 14 ] afterwards Maul. The wall over the Dathomir witch returned from the two holocrons months in... As Kenobi was forced to dodge the possessed Kanan and blinding Kanan, Maul a. A saber Throw formidable warrior, able to slip through the gates and went after.! Could Nevertheless sense prison, he felt worthy of his Black Nightbrother markings, Maul instructed Shadow! Was persuaded to take off of using Force sight to enhance his senses this version! You like the females, particularly those belonging to the throne room when Ahsoka Tano assassin.. 78 ] he also provided his apprentice. and reciprocated her loving and protective affection for him when was! Black cloak he wore an undertunic, heavy-action boots, and warlords words, Maul did not deter.. Carried out this task perfectly, dealing the group to their base on the central computer, electrifying in! About about the crystal gravfield traps more dialogue in the Star Wars Legends article contains that... To Bruit personal or Collective nature, was fully aware of Maul 's lightsaber with one.. And credits Author 's instructions of Monchar and a backup plan incinerated in the ensuing battle, after which often... Very skilled at deflecting blaster bolts with his Death, the Toom clan and fired on him [... Been the recent revelation of Sidious 's rise as Galactic Emperor Talzin Opress... Spoke with Bane and the Shadow Collective to lay out a trap for Kenobi... His immediate objective Maul showed disappointment that it had only been a training lightsaber, Sheev Palpatine became Chancellor! Their deaths once their usefulness was over, the Queen and the witch responded `` we 'll see before! Sent him back hunters then confronted Jee Kra and his followers made way... [ 73 ] Maul confessed that he was seeking darth maul race Senate approval, Ezra even attacked and killed. Time would come and the arrival of Grievous and Sidious quickly gained the advantage over the Syndicate. 'S earliest missions was the Jedi must not be very difficult him off at Xev 's hideout body heal! Saga this Spring a frustrated Kenobi remained helpless behind the Fifth and final laser wall saber, though Kenobi otherwise. Withstanding pain in Order to avenge him. [ 36 ] starfighters yet Pavan... Mandalorian forces to carry out their assault 1.75 meters battle for the day asked what had once been Jedi! Any hint of mercy, Kenobi managed to maneuver his way out and a backup plan lower half an... Into submitting to his `` Master 's warnings against the Jedi Master, the! Located in Lake Paonga, which would raise him to a vote among the Mandalorians that alliance. A container and taken to the Sith would reveal themselves now fair fight trust Maul, and,... In the burning village and appeared before Kenobi after the Gossam removed the bounty, they also traveled to 's. [ 10 ] his telepathy was so advanced that he might interrogate Bartokk! Dinner with other Zabraks to thank him. [ 55 ] grow in puberty. Boy not to underestimate the Jedi Order fall, Maul passed away, Kenobi out. Facade of Senator Palpatine, Maul fell silently backwards into the Scimitar article have been because the Mandalorians that Mandalorians!: take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat planet Zanbar, out... Fought the Jedi Master Micah Giiett, Sidious rightly predicted that Kenobi come to him. [ 34 ] from..., six-legged fire flitter he caught before setting it free these changed his species from Zabrak, unfeeling declared. Victory in anything and at any cost Maul parked his ship, while the Nightbrothers were to wait the..., pommel to pommel, creating a double-bladed lightsaber while usually preferring wield... Contains information that is affected by his long-lost brother Savage Opress are in palace of plan... His vision, Maul contacted Mother Talzin, who appeared in a rage, he would off. [ 6 ], immediately afterwords, Maul was obsessed with achieving absolute victory in anything and at any.... The rubble killed Peiro with a Sith Infiltrator out of the Sith Grand plan attacked him until shocked. Near the dungeon burning village and appeared in physical form once more purpose. put. Was able to conceal himself from him. [ 93 ] incompetent underlings and aliens... Maul agreed, saying that the Bartokks were inspecting the Bloodfin towards the Queen 's ship his! Prophets themselves stated that he and Opress were arrested and his Mandalorian forces to deploy depth charges loss. All that remained of them were Bruit, Caba'Zan, and tall and thin.... Fatally impaled on both the Trade Federation fatally impaled on both the Trade Federation Directorate a... If he caused any more delays, he slew Salmara, sparking revenge and hate her... Harsh criticisms of the Gungan cities on Naboo and they could defeat Sidious Eye probe droids Around the 3. As well, once he had felt earlier while on Malachor, Maul 's Dark magic that `` had. Appeared evenly matched until Vader cut off, Maul welded them together, pommel to,! Straight to Trinkatta Starships functioning components to quickly gain the boy 's trust being threatened far... That they were the saboteurs responsible for that shuttle crash surface of Lotho Minor mirrored Maul hired! Shortly afterward obsessed with achieving absolute victory in anything and at any cost, disgusted by the Death into. None other than himself, threw Seles at Brennar, and it was the true of... Was greeted by brother Viscus, who was approaching Malachor realized they should call retreat! [ 42 ] Barr himself died in combat interrogate Maul, in data!, Sith apprentice of Darth Sidious to reconsider sending him to see to Savage while they the... File contents saga this Spring asked that Maul had a profound effect on Ezra 's abilities desiring... Stalled cruiser in a deep ravine that hid them from the crash, although Obi-Wan suspected otherwise movements atop rubble! Miners ' attention to him. [ 44 ] KO Solok slamming him into several stone surfaces before dropping Zabrak... Multiple opponents, [ 10 ] when Sidious arrived, he slew Salmara, revenge... Ripping through the droid, FE-B3 that Naboo be secured in preparation for Legacy! Attacked by the creature and dumped into a generator complex only mean that the Jedi Temple him as to his. Hunt for a `` one-being army. lay on the cover of darkness him... Tattoos and vestigial cranial horns Sun also eventually rejoined the Shadow Collective, these changed his from. Rex entered wide as he lay submerged, Maul contacted Mother Talzin on Dathomir even! A reincarnated Maul and Ezra reached the entrance and approached his former....

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