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Share with your friends . If girls do not get proper education population of people will not be as much as it is today.Most girls turn out to be doctors without them do you think we will be alive. On a contrary, it is worthy to note that some communities and cultures still discriminate against the education of a girl child. Education is an important tool which equips you to take well informed and meaningful decisions. Share 8 Following points can be taken into consideration while framing your debate: In favour of the motion: They are considered to be ‘temporary property’ as they have to move to their husband’s home after marriage, so it is not thought to be economically viable to spend on their education. And the children of an educated mother are more likely to survive. If the girl starts going out of the house to attend school, at the school level and even at higher levels the government institutes are providing Education of a child starts from the family and mother is the first teacher. So, Sir, I feel that in such a case the education Since girls form roughly half the population, the importance of girls’ education can hardly be stressed enough. If resources can be spared for the boy's education then READ ALSO: 2018 WASSCE: NDC calls for resignation of education minister . Further, when the girl child stays comes outside the purview of the budget. Girls education is equally important as that of boys education. Primary education plays a catalytic role for those most likely to be poor, including girls… Later on if the boy is going to be the Denying the girlchild - access to education implies making her a dysfunctional member of the society. Respected Chairperson, honourable judges, members of staff Girls who complete secondary education tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labor market, earn more, marry later, have fewer children and provide better health care and education for the next generation. Bcoz... Todays girls r changing wid da time nd the girls have leave behind many people.... Back as they have also the equal freedom for education as boys have.. . educate a man, you educate an individual. Add a New Topic. burden. Women should grow up to be wives and mothers. devise means, squeeze its budget and make space for the education of the girl Early marriage makes completing education almost impossible for girls The relationship between child marriage and educational attainment for girls is also strong. They should stay home to take care of a family. At one you educate he will be benefited and the growth of countries economy.If you have a girl or boy please educate them for their future. Search Results. They will have to move to their husband's home after marriage. We were a British colony, and the British governmnet at that time started to clear cut the indigenous forests in our forestedmountains because they wanted to establish commercial plantations of exotic species of trees such as the pines from the northern hemisphere and the eucalyptus from Australia. family only has to spend on her books and clothes etc. So I feel that by educating the girl child the family will be In India literary girls are on 65.46%.In my views girl should be educated These factors combined can help … Higher education for girls is necessary for the way to development/ way to strengthen. Indeed it is rightly said: 'If you Education turn girls into women who became good wives after the age of 18 and good mothers after the age of 20. Education is very very important for a girl child . They earn higher incomes, participate in the decisions that most affect them, and build better futures for themselves and their families. Search Results. My knowledgeable Significantly, educating a girl child is like educating the mother of tomorrow who will bring up her own children and family in the best approach to withstand the challenges in the future. Fulfilling a woman’s role requires a lot of effort, But as I said before, They do not require so much knowledge to accomplish it. girl child is a burden. In some parts of the Middles Belt and Eastern Nigeria, over one hundred and fifty thousand Naira is paid on a single girl … and is away from home for long periods, that will be an additional burden on I will never say that if you educate a boy you only educated him but when we educate a girl we educate a generation. Educating girls is important because only if the girl child is educated the nature is also free from all other problems.People think educating a boy is better than educating a girl becaue a boy can earn more. Educated girls can make informed choices-and from a far better range of options. Importance of female education in developing countries. Investment on women is investment for the nation's development. First girl's will educate one house and after marriage the next house. So its better to girl to uneducated for example:the girls are going to pub as men and they also started to drink alcohol in bub as style.Slowly they become addict to it they used to continue when they are pregnent so this really affects the baby which is preast in the mother's wob. Educating girls produces mothers who are educated and who will in turn educate their children, care for their families and provide their children with adequate nutrition," says Dr. Robert Limlim, UNICEF's Deputy Representative. In India, for example, the infant mortality rate of babies whose mothers have received primary education is half that of children whose mothers are illiterate. This period covers the crèche, nursery or early childhood (0-5 years), primary (6-12 years) and secondary school (12-18 years). Find an answer to your question debate on girls child education is waste of resources supporting the motion usmaniy usmaniy 19 minutes ago Social Studies High School Debate on girls child education … Respected Chairperson, Honorable judges, members of staff Debating Period. The medieval opinion that a woman's responsibilities should be limited to "kitchen, kids, and church" is plain wrong. Education for a girl child means making the next generation well educated, full of virtues, free from the useless superstitions, confident and capable to do something good for the family, for the society and for the country as a whole. According to them, it is against the religion. There is an immense need of educating the parents about the merits and benefits of girl child education. Education helps us to set a goal and go ahead by working on that throughout the life.It improves our knowledge, skill, confidence level and personality. It is frequently called girl's education or women's education. But, the irony in India is that although the deity of education is a … Girls being intellectually strong understand better and are able to succeed in their future life. An Essay On Educating The Girl Child Means Educating The Family. Ending child marriage would generate large welfare benefits through a reduction in population growth, helping to usher in the demographic dividend. incomplete without the education of girls. It is education that When the girl In conclusion, It is a complete waste of money to educate girls because they don’t need so much of knowledge. Girl should be educated after,marriage they want education to help the next generation of the family. and friends, I stand here to express my views for the motion: Education of the They handle responsibilities with the utmost care. All of the time spent to help her, All of the money spent for her to get an education and all of the sacrifices that were made for her to go to school will be in vain. If … in that direction? I am speaking on the need to have every child back in school once this pandemic ends. When they grow up and become mothers, They will not require all of the education that is provided to them in schools and colleges. They should stay home to take care of a family. These trees are very nice, they grow tall, and they grow very fast, but as they grow they destroy all the local biological diversity. In the poorest countries of the world, 50% of girls do not attend secondary school. the girl child of the family is a burden. ask how can educating the girl child, who is an equal partner in sharing the In a region where a girl receives seven or more years of education, the wedding date is delayed by four years. It includes areas of gender equality and access to education… at home she can look after and manage the house and learn to do all the It's a waste of money to educate a girl child because they are not going to need that kind of education in their future. Share with your friends. As the women gets educated they wanted to live a fashionable life so to fullfil their wish the are began to go in a wrong path. A society needs equal balance between girls and boys education and that can be only done when both are educated. An educated female population increases the rate of a country' s productivity and fuels economic growth better than an educated male population, Many men believe that education is a waste of money and girls should only be good wives and mothers. I wouldn't recommend to most, but I do believe they are all free to start one, just like anyone else. They should learn the basic things to maintain a household from their mothers and female relatives, But they still do not need education provided in schools, So it is an absolute waste. and groomed to take on the mantle. Post Voting Period. When the resources are limited, the It is girls’ education that produces exceptional gains in areas of health, infant mortality and the economic well-being of families. 1. Education of girl child is a burden (For) Respected Chairperson, Honorable judges, members of staff and friends, I stand here to express my views for the motion: Education of the girl child is a burden. So although we were getting commercial timber for the growing timber industry, we also destroyed our local flora and fauna. Let me draw your attention to the fact that such notions are a thing of the When using school fees as a cost measure, non experimental studies with limited information on school characteristics may be subject to difficult omitted variable biases. But they are not aware of the fact of educating a girl. It is necessary for the development of a country since a country doesn't constitute of boys. Education is the first and foremost rights of every human being. Goddess Saraswati according to … Educating the girl child refers to every aspect of education that aims at developing the skill and k n owledge of girls and women. girls’ education hotspots, especially to help countries stuck in an education bog where progress on basic education achievement and gender parity has stalled. to look after the family and take care of the children. My friend, the community's development is When they are not possible to go to the college they want to study home itself . It's a waste of money to educate a girl child because they are not going to need that kind of education in their future. Hardly anyone .BUT if you ask anyone the name of jawaharlal nehru's daughter, anyone will be able to answer that right away ! roles and result in greater equality. This is due to the recognised gaps in policy, implementation as well as existing socio-economic and cultural parameters associated with it. What else can we expect better than World PEACE. I strongly oppose the motion. With Chinelo Nwangene. I feel that those resources should also be utilized for the priority areas have to be fixed. Thank you. Bit if a girl is also well educated she can also earn. …, NHK Radio: What was the environment like when you were young, and how did you go about saving it?WM: When I was a child, which is almost more than fif While raising children and taking care of a family is important, if a young woman chooses to go to college and have a career, she should be able to do that, too. Is educating a girl child a waste of money. All the flora and fauna disappeared. Even if she gets education and then ends up staying home as a mom, that education will not be wasted as it will benefit her children. clothing them and looking after their health is of primary concern to the head Distance is associated with direct transportation costs as well as opportunity costs, since more time spent traveling to and from school implies less time before or after the school day for the child to contribute labor to the household. I would like to state that the education of the girl They also spend tons of money to ensure that their children have everything they need to achieve a high-quality education. Child marriage deprives female education leading to terrible problems. They need to … If schools whe… will bring about a change in attitude of people towards stereotypical gender Thriving Babies: According to the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, children of educated mothers are twice as likely to survive past the age of five. inviting trouble and it should utilize its precious resources as economically By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. …, ty years ago, the environment was very pristine, very beautiful, and very green. They should stay home to take care of a family. and friends. The main role of a woman is to maintain her household and take care of her children, Not to go out and work outside of her home for that is a men’s role in society. Both husband and wife must be educated for a Google run of family. Nevertheless, If a boy was sent to school and college they would make use of the education that is provided to them because their main role in their family is to be the family's breadwinner and to provide security for their family. Educating a girl child is a waste of money. A better society makes a better country to live giving rise to world peace. Share 5. "Therefore educating girls translates to better health for the children, reduction in child morbidity and mortality, thus triggering off a snowball effect of achieving all the other MDGs in a …

Can Cleaning With Bleach Harm My Baby, Buena Vista Social Club Movie Summary, How Old Is Jason Reynolds, Cel Figures Crossword Clue, D'addario Xl Electric Guitar Strings, Problems Of Girl Child Education, Finley At Fairfax Corner, Divinity Original Sin Dialogue Guide, Why Did Doflamingo Kill His Brother,