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Kuzan has the powers of the Hie Hie no Mi, a Logia Devil Fruit that allows him to control, create, and become ice. During Punk Hazard he told Smoker to tell Sakazuki about Doflamingo, from the way he spoke it seems that he holds no animosity towards Akainu or the Marines. Notes: I really do like this chapter, one of my favorites. Best Memes about Chapter 995 ... Kuzan is on a secret mission. Chapter Text “Oi, Harry, come on, stop running around. Marco and Ace are not to be trifled with. Aokiji Kuzan by Dregon-Render on DeviantArt. He has currently affiliated himself with the Blackbeard Pirates for unknown reasons. See precognition Kuzan greatly showing divine might of one against two. Vous disposez aussi d'un forum dédié ! He's probably a double agent like others have said, but an idea that I've had and quite like is that he just wants to reach Raftel. Saved by DeviantArt. Apr 20, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by LawTheMugiwara. holy crap, that was the longest chapter i 've ever written! The navy also knows the location of Uranos and sends Admiral Kizaru to look for him. Likes: Reddot4. He may also freeze the sea surface so that they can accumulate to stand here. My theory is this; Just like they had X Drake infiltrate a Yonko crew, could Kuzan also be a member of SWORD? Non-farmable filters (Click Non-Farmable Filter Above) Limited RR-only Hide lim. How Mihawk didn't even defeat Vista. hal ini sudah dimulai ketika kasus Buster Call Ohara, dimana Akainu sempat menghancurkan kapal Evakusi dan membunuh semua rakyat sipil tak berdosa yang menumpang di kapal tsb. That Shanks wasn't tough. So the recent thread about the worst chapter made me want to go back and read all the manga again. We first see Kuzan after the Davy Back Fights. One Piece (Japanese: ワンピース Hepburn: Wan Pīsu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. In order to make sure that Kuzan is serious, Blackbeard ordered Kuzan to capture Caesar for him, but Caesar was already gone and on his way to Dressrosa. I hope that none of the characters are too far off the mark. "Blackbeard" redirects here.For other uses of this name, see Blackbeard (Disambiguation). Same Vista who Akainu didn't even bother to look at. While it’s possible that Kuzan could also be a member - and it would be cool no doubt - we can’t be sure, but it does make one more suspicious of what Kuzan is doing with the Blackbeard Pirates. Marshall D. Teach,14 paling sering disebut dengan julukannya "Kurohige",2 adalahlaksamana dariBajak Laut Blackbeard2 dan salah satu dari Yonko.3Dia juga satu-satunya orang yang dikenal untuk menggunakan kekuatan dua Buah Iblis sekaligus. stop posting fake spoiler from a long time ago, no will ever have spoiler for many chapter ahead in detail not even oda's editors themselves, stop falling for this shit, GOD fucking why . Ace, Blackbeard Teach, precognition Kuzan . Kuzan, better known by his former epithet Aokiji, is a former Marine Admiral. you see, i haven't been getting much reviews lately, at least not as much as i used to, so please leave a review, also, i recently lost 2 followers and favorites, which is new to me, so i'm kind of taking it pretty hard. If you fall into the sea and end up drowning, I'm not pulling you out.” That was a bald-faced lie but Kuzan figured he could be forgiven. Shortly after the famous two-year time-skip of the series, it was revealed that Kuzan had allied himself to some capacity with the Blackbeard Pirates. There is at least one new ship by chapter in this arc in fans eyes. After that, they set off in search of Uranus' last ancentral weapon. Clear moments of action, a respected scale of power and interesting moments with straw hats. Gohara … It was truly a dark day in the history of the Marines. Kuzan is a former Marine admiral. RR-only KC Limited RR-only Hide KC lim. He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of fleet admiral but after losing the position to Sakazuki, he resigned from the Marines and affiliated himself with the Blackbeard Pirates. One Piece Anime One Piece Deviantart Character Art Character Design One Piece Crew One Piece Chapter … Nico Robin has either witnessed or learned about Davy Back fights in the past. “It’s not too late. Chapitres ou Épisodes, spéciaux ou non, One Piece ou hors-séries, vous trouverez l'intégralité de l’œuvre d'Eiichiro Oda sur ce wiki ! So how did Kuzan get a copy of the Final Road Poneglyph?? And the toads and sunset and… Yeah it was still scary). Sure, his personality and cowardice leads him to be a bit weaker, and there are definitely people that can kill him with ease (probably Kaido and some others), but I think Aokiji might be able to be defeated by Blackbeard, though it depends. 9-KUZAN. “Kuzan!” Blackbeard thought of Ao 雉 Kuzan, who is also an ice-capable person. Luffy struck him from behind, delivering a barrage of punches, causing Blackbeard to turn around in an attemp to grab Luffy. Kuzan lebih memilih keluar dari marine karena Akainu tidak sejalan dengan Prinsipnya. Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, was one of the most charismatic and powerful of the admirals of the Marines, at least until he resigned. Kuzan sempat geram dengan tindakan Akainu tersebut. Jun 30, 2020 #1,794. Feb 7, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Maeva Oppo. Dia memulai karir bajak laut sebagai anggota divisi … Fallen Prince. Chapter Text. RR-only PF Limited RR-only Hide PF lim. We know that Kuzan has allied with Blackbeard. 160. However, after losing the position to Sakazuki, he resigned from the Marines and affiliated himself with the Blackbeard Pirates. Kuzan, better known by his former alias Aokiji, is a former Marine admiral and the first one to be revealed.He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of fleet admiral. Not to mention how Mihawk's slash going for Edward was access denied by Jozu. Until the end, I had Gedatsu again and again, and even overdrawn my body to recover from the injury. RR-only Promo-only Hide promo-only Login Bonus-only Hide Login-only Ray Shop Unit Hide Ray Shop Unit Trade Port Unit Hide Trade Port Unit Kuzan becomes instrumental in the War of the Best. Mihawk and Shanks vs Blackbeard and Kuzan Thread ... That's Shanks whose arm fell pray to a fish soloed by chapter 1 Luffy. 6 Why did Kuzan ally himself with Blackbeard? thank you -the mysterious banana. If all the chapters of the raid were like this wano would be without a doubt one of the most beloved arcs . Jun 30, 2020 #1,523. your own Pins on Pinterest He was nominated by Sengoku for the position of fleet admiral. Blackbeard sent a shockwave that devastated parts of the town towards the two, Natsu jumped, thinking the shockwave was at ground level only, but was sent back after getting hit by it anyway. Jun 30, 2020 #1,794. We also learned recently about SWORD and X Drake. Likes: Zoro D Goat, Akai2, mly90 and 3 others. He was having a hard enough time maintaining his ice-made prosthetic as well as freezing a path across the ocean for them to walk on. Jun 30, 2020 #1,523 . It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, and has been collected into 94 tankōbon volumes. (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) Kuzan's head hit the deck with a thump, not even having to deal with the entire Konoha twelve's antics had been this headache inducing, and he'd had to deal with Lee teaming up with Naruto to 'defeat' Sasuke and Neji in a prank war with way too much collateral damage and mental scarring(He never wanted to see that much orange ever again. Blackbeard accompanied by his bank that includes ex-shichibukai Gecko Moria intercepting Edward Weevil, Teach makes a deal with Bakkin as he plans to attack Luffy and knows that Marco is helping him in the Wano war. I think Blackbeard's got to be tougher than Kuzan. in THEORIES & OPINIONS The Reason Why Kuzan joined the Blackbeard Pirates by Gus 28 Gennaio 2020, 17:07 0SHARESShare As we all know, the Revolutionaries’ base was destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates, when Burgess revealed its location as an act of vengeance towards Sabo and to try and get their we... opfanpage.com. I’m not saying Blackbeard knows about Kuzan’s association with the Revolutionaries, because if so Blackbeard would never let that information leak to Kuzan, but if Kuzan is on the “other side of the grass” where it’s greener, then he may just be helping the Revolutionaries and playing double agent on Blackbeard’s crew, and ended up saving the Revolutionaries! Blackbeard Teach’s eyes wandered around, wondering what he was thinking. This chapter shows us that it doesn't take much to go from a mediocre chapter to a very good chapter. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest If it does turn out that Kuzan is leading this thing, COOL - Kuzan is a cool dude and it’s possible that he has a tie with Drake within the marines, but let Drake have his hype for now, lol. So yeah, Mihawk is not in the league of Admirals and Emperors. Hurry up. He also has his fight with Akainu, and leaves the Marines. His future role in the story. "Blackbeard" beralih ke halaman ini.Untuk kegunaan lain dari nama, lihat Blackbeard (Disambiguasi). Discover (and save!) But I still couldn’t resist the outbreak of precognition Kuzan, and was finally driven into the sea by a Trident of precognition. Winsmoke Sanji. One Piece - How Strong is Aokiji? I saw a burst of precognition Kuzan, directly squeezing Phoenix Marco and Fire Fist Ace, which were expensive in the previous battle with Teach. so please, leave a favorite, a follow and review. Perhaps fueled by his sense of justice over Ohara and the World Government, he wants to finally find out what happened in the void century and hence chose to join with Blackbeard as it seemed like the most likely group to reach Raftel. A lively character, scenes of battle scenes, echoed in Marco’s mind! After some long thought I have changed my mind about Davy Back fights.

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